5 Tips When Using Injectable Glutathione

How to use Glutax

Here are 5 helpful tips when using injectable glutathione.

1. Drink plenty of water. Being well-hydrated helps better absorption of glutathione and helps the IV administration process to be more comfortable for you.

2. Know when your next session is. We recommend that you use IV glutathione once every week. You may also use it once every 4 days for faster result. Avoid skipping session for best results.

3. Relax. Just like being well-hydrated, being relaxed during IV sessions will help the administration process to be more comfortable for you.

4. Make sure that IV administration is done by a certified medical professional. Your safety is our priority. We do not recommend self-administration.

5. Always use authentic IV glutathione products. We recommend that you buy from authorized clinic distributors only. Purchasing cheap and non-authentic products from non-authorized dealers may cause serious health risks.

For authentic Glutax products visit www.glutax.com.ph or contact (02)7205383/ 09178145707.

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